Tuesday, May 16, 2017

April 22, 2017 Danish guests arrive

Today our good friend Torben Holm from Denmark arrived with his friend Anne-Marie.  We met Torben about 30 years ago when he was an exchange student at the UofM dental school with me.  This is the 4th time we have seen each other in those 30 years.  Some friends never change.  Torben’s wife, Mette, passed away with cancer over 2 years ago.  Anne-Marie has been Torben and Mette’s good friend since dental school.  And now the two of them are enjoying each other’s company.  Anne-Marie grew up on sailboats and races weekly in the summer.  It will be great to have her on our boat. 

T&AM flew into North Eleuthera airport.  We arranged for them to be picked up by Pinder’s taxi and ferry.  Pinders take them by van to the closest shore and by ferry to Spanish Wells.  They arrived close to 2:00pm.  They were hungry, so we walked to Budda’s for lunch.  Dave took their bags to the boat and then joined us. 

After lunch we picked up some groceries and all went to the boat.   Our boat was anchored outside of Spanish Wells, but we moved it to an island about 2 miles away for better wind protection, Meeks Patch.  We had a nice evening getting to know Anne-Marie and catching up with Torben and hearing about  his family. 

up to shenanigans already

Anne-Marie and Torben brought us champagne

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