Thursday, April 20, 2017

March 31, 2017 Expensive laundry and tonic in the Exumas

The mailboat comes in on Thursdays here.  So we knew there would be fresh produce at the supermarket this morning.  We went in early because it can disappear fast.  We were able to get fresh fruit for our guest arriving Saturday.  But there weren’t any cucumbers or greens.  We have one more small store to check on Staniel Cay.  But then we will be away from civilization for about 10 days.

We started another 3 loads of laundry today.  After washing everything, Dave decided to take it to shore to dry at a laundromat.  Remember, one load is what will fit in a 5 gallon bucket.  It ended up costing about $20 just to dry them.  Dave figures he just bought a couple hours of time today.  Because when he returned, we were able to move the boat to Staniel Cay.  We would have had to spend the rest of the day here if we had laundry hanging out.

I spent time cleaning and meal planning and prepping some food ahead of time.  And resting my shoulder.  Last night I reached up to close a window and got another twinge.  That set me back again.  Sucks getting old.

We anchored on the west side of Staniel Cay after about 1.5 hour of motoring.  We usually anchor in a bay just south of here, but decided to try this location to be closer to picking up guests, shorter dinghy ride with 4 people and luggage.

Dave took jerry cans in for fuel.  We wanted to pick up more tonic for Gin and Tonics.  They had 12 oz cans at the marina.  Dave picked up a 12 pack and it was going to be $36-$3/can.  BUT a case sold for $30.  So he went ahead and picked up a case.  Not sure where we will store it.  Guess we’ll just have to drink it.  In the states, you can  get liter bottles of $1.  Some how, what I brought along had disappeared. 

Gary and Niamh (pronounced Nee-uff in Gaelic) swung by, but they decided to anchor in the other bay at Big Majors.  They invited us over for a “sundowner” later.  There you go, more gin and tonic.  It was fun to visit with them again.  Niamh had joined Gary as crew last year to come to the Bahamas.  But they now have a boat card (like a business card) with both of their names on it.  It was a one year “boataversary” gift to Niamh.  Good to see them so happy together. 

It's tradition to blow a conch shell at sunset.  Funny video of Gary.

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