Thursday, April 20, 2017

March 28, 2017 Stephanie's send off in Georgetown

On the net this morning, I asked if anyone wanted to share a taxi to the airport at 11:30.  We hear others asking that all the time, so thought we may as well check.  The cost is $30.  Someone came back and said they would, Bret and Teresa. 

We were on shore early enough to do a little shopping.  Stephanie and I went to the “straw market”.  This is a tented area because their building burned down a few years ago.  Inside there are about a dozen tables with local women selling items.  Most of them had handmade baskets and hats made of straw.  But they also had touristy t-shirts and “gee gaws", as Dave would call them.  Stephanie did pick up some gifts for her family.  And I found a basket I wanted to fit in a certain spot, plus some baskets as wedding gifts for this summer. 


We were back to the designated spot on time.  Dave had been visiting with Bret and Teresa.  When we showed up, I realized it was the Teresa I had met after church a few weeks ago.  They were riding to the airport to meet their daughter who was flying in today.  Small world.  It was great having Stephanie visit. 

Our next adventure was off to the local clinic.  I decided to have my shoulder looked at, since I was still in pain after a week.  I have been taking Aleve and Tylenol 3x/day for a week now and wearing a sling when I can.  The office visit was $30.  A female doctor examined me.  She went to undergrad in Wisconsin and medical school in Trinidad.  She said it was only a damaged muscle and it needed rest to improve.  I was glad to hear it wasn’t the rotator cuff.  She gave me a stronger anti inflammatory medication.  The Rx was only $5 and came in an envelope.  No child proof bottle or long list of possible side effects. 

Before returning to the boat, we made one last stop at the grocery store to stock up for our next guests.  This is the biggest store in the area.  Sadly, their restocking boat was arriving tomorrow.  So their produce was pretty picked over or empty.  Oh well, we make do. 

nice ocean view from the clinic

I guess you have to be healthy enough to make it up these steps to go to this clinic (actually, they had a parking lot close to the door)

my chauffeur

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