Thursday, April 20, 2017

March 27, 2017 Sailing around Stocking Island

Finally, the wind had calmed down enough to take Stephanie for a sail.  We spent about 4 hours sailing around Stocking Island, and adjacent islands that form the harbor.  It was nice to get out into open water.  We could see the shoreline and the monument that we had hiked a couple days ago.


Back in the harbor, we anchored near another area to snorkel called Channel Marker Coral Reef.  Dave dropped us off at one end.  Then we snorkeled to the other end of the reef.  We headed back to the boat when a big barracuda showed up. 


Next, we moved the boat to anchor near Georgetown again. It will be a shorter dinghy ride to shore tomorrow for Stephanie to catch the taxi to the airport.  After we anchored, Stephanie offered to take us out for dinner. 

We decided to try a new restaurant at the Exuma Yacht Club.  It was on the second floor with a beautiful view overlooking the harbor.  As we were waiting for our meals, we saw a spotted eagle ray in the water below. 

 After dinner, we decided to walk to another restaurant for dessert.  We knew that Eddie’s Edgewater had guava duff, a Bahamian specialty.  Unfortunately, they were out of it.  So we walked to Peace n Plenty and had ice-cream because they didn’t have it either.  Ice cream is a treat for us, since it won’t keep in our freezer. 

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