Thursday, April 20, 2017

March 24, 2017 Chat n Chill on Stocking Island

We had a relaxing morning visiting in the cockpit over coffee and breakfast.  By early afternoon, we decided to go to shore to the park area on Stocking Island.  Dave brought us to shore in the dinghy.  We all went to the Chat n Chill for french fries and island drinks.  Dave headed back to the boat.  Steph and I planned to hike.  After Dave left, we checked out a few paths.  They either stopped when we came to rocks, water, or private property.  We decided we will hike the mountain tomorrow, starting at a better location. 
island drinks
Captain and crew

what a life
Which way do we go?
our boat is out there somewhere

When we got back to the park area, a squall was moving in.  So our chauffeur picked us up and got us back to the boat without getting too wet. 

Steph had brought a Bear Creak dry chili mix along.  We had a delicious chili dinner.  We felt bad that the weather wasn’t better to enjoy the water, but we were having a great time just visiting and relaxing. 

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