Thursday, April 20, 2017

March 18/19, 2017 Children's Bay Cay, Exumas

We spent Saturday doing usual boat chores.

After docking our dinghy this morning in Georgetown, I followed another couple up the dock.  She went to the right and he went to the left.  I ended up following her all the way to church.  Afterwards, we visited and walked back to the dinghies together.  Teresa and her husband were also on a sailboat.   They were expecting company soon, like us. 
view of the dinghy dock from across the lake.  we have to go under the bridge to get to the anchored boats.  the incoming traffic has the right of way.  The building behind the dock is a grocery store
When I returned to the boat, we moved further north for a few days.  We wanted to try some fishing away from all of these boats.  And part of this harbor is a Land and Sea park with no fishing allowed. 

We sailed north about 30nm.  We entered the Exuma chain of islands through Rat Cay Cut but anchored by Children’s Bay Cay.   We passed one boat at anchor and we saw one house on the island.  We like this much better than a crowded anchorage.

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