Thursday, April 20, 2017

March 11 2017 Long Island to Georgetown

What a beautiful anchorage in calm seas.  We had a lazy morning and left just before noon for Georgetown.  We like to anchor close to town, which is in the center of Elizabeth Harbor.  There are 2 entrances to the harbor, north and south.  We have taken both inlets when going to and from Long Island.  Dave prefers the south one and thought it was closer.  So I did a rough estimate of the two from our anchorage on Long Island.  The north one was 31.7 nm and the south was 26.2 nm.  So Dave was right, it was 5.5 nm closer.  That’s about an hour difference at our speed. 

Dave also mentioned that he didn’t like all the turns you had to make to exit the north inlet.  He said it was like a House of Mirrors.  That brought back a funny memory from the early 1980’s, when we were in our 20’s.  We were living in Brookings, SD at the time and met friends from Iowa at Lake Okoboji.  We had met Rick and Elaine in Germany while Dave and Rick were in the Air Force.  There was an amusement park at Lake Okoboji.  It was a slow night at the House of Mirrors.  So Dave and Rick decided to time each other to see how fast they could run through their exhibit.  We had some good laughs hearing them crash and keep going.  At that age, we didn’t think about what would happen if they had broken a mirror.  There was probably some alcohol involved, which didn’t help.  We laughed reminiscing about our crazy lives.  I was going to say our crazy youth, but we’re still doing crazy things. 

We anchored outside of Georgetown in time to hit the grocery store.  We needed to replenish our perishables.  Can’t wait to make a big salad tomorrow.

like a swimming pool (not the old pool in Miller, SD)

pretty bay

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