Friday, April 21, 2017

April 9, 2017 Wreck off Little Egg Island, Eleuthera

This morning, Joe, Erin and I took dinghy to the wreck off of Little Egg Island, the Arimoroa that sank in the 1970's.  Part of the bow is above water.  So it is great for snorkeling.  Schools of fish hang out around the remaining structures.  I stayed in dinghy and followed them as they snorkeled.  The wind wasn’t cooperating to just drift with the dinghy.  I have been here twice and will be back with future guests.  They were really impressed. 

We stopped at Little Egg Island on the way back for Joe to spear fish and Erin took photos while I followed in the dinghy.  Joe had a couple shots at grouper, but no luck.

After lunch on the boat, Dave, Joe and Erin went to the north side of Royal Island to spear fish.  They left Erin off at a beach while they fished.  Joe got a grouper which we had for dinner.  I spent the afternoon making bread and cleaned.

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