Sunday, March 5, 2017

February 22, 23, 24, 2017 Delectable Bay, Acklins Islands

We spent 3 days at anchor.   Baking bread, little projects, cleaning, laundry, and watching movies.

Dave soldered the broken wires he found on the generator parts.  The brushes, that were worn and sticky, are on a spring that pushes them into place.  The wire holding the spring in place had broken.  Now he can reassemble the parts and see how everything works.  Along with cold fronts, you get squalls.  So he’ll wait for a sunny day to get everything out of the lazerette and into the cockpit again so he has access to the generator.
//bight map, sunsets, soldering brushes
soldering wire at base of spring
2 brushes were originally the same lenghth

Storm Day

squall on it's way
Dave was able to put the generator back together.  It ran great!!  He reversed the 2 worn brushes, hoping they will run that way for a long time.  As a backup, he checked with the NextGen company in Jacksonville, FL via e-mail on ordering new brushes.  They said they were back ordered and to check back with them in a few days.  Hmmm.  We could have them sent to friends that will be visiting in April.

The sunset changes so much in one evening.

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