Thursday, February 16, 2017

January 29, 2017 Rock Sound anchor locker maintenance

I was able to attend church again today in Rock Sound at St Ann’s.  After church, we moved the boat back to the west side of the bay.  We were expecting another cold front, but not the high winds like last week.  On my way to church, a lady was sitting outside on her front porch.  I had complimented her on her gardens last week.  Today she asked me if there was a storm coming, because she noticed the boats were moving to the west side of the bay/sound.  It reminded me of when Dave and I first learned to sail on Angostura Reservoir in South Dakota.  Our friend, Richard, had a cabin there and 2 Laser sail boats.  The neighbors didn’t have to listen to the weather report.  They knew a storm was coming when Dave and Richard headed out on the lake with the Lasers.  They loved any kind of adrenaline rush.  

Before we set our anchor at the proper length, Dave wanted to let out all 200 feet of our chain.  It was twisted close to the 200 foot end, which made it harder to run through the gypsy as we are anchoring or raising the anchor.  While he had the chain all out of the anchor locker, he took some time to clean it out.  We are still finding leaves from the trees in Georgia on our boat.  As the chain comes into the locker, it creates a mountain of chain.  Dave was able to shift the first section of chain into a better position so the rest of it will pile up neater.  Just one of those things that make life simpler.  Previously he would have to stop raising the anchor and shift the chain in the anchor locker. 

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