Monday, February 13, 2017

January 26, 2017 Exploring Little San Salvador

Neither of us slept very good last night.  The wind was from the south and so our boat was rocking and rolling all night.  About 7:00am, the boat really rocked hard.  Dave thought he had heard a helicopter.  We looked outside and saw that a cruise ship had anchored off shore.  We sat in our cockpit having coffee and watched them shuttle people to shore.  Pretty soon the power walkers made it to our end of the beach.  We also saw about 6 people come down the beach on horseback and take off into the center of the island.  They had all kinds of water sports for them, too. 
cruise ship village

beach off of our boat

cruise ship horseback ride
To get away from all the commotion, we took the dinghy around to the north side of island.  We checked out several areas of coral looking for a good place to spear fish.  And we tried to find a ship wreck.  We didn’t see many fish, so we ended up beaching the dinghy and having a nice walk on the beach.  Neither of us were too excited about swimming anyway.

When we returned to the boat, we could see the cruise ship heading east.  I guess this is just a day stop for them.  We still had the surge, which caused the boat to rock and roll.  Dave put out our “rocker stopper”.  It doesn’t stop the boat from rocking, but it does slow it down. 

the islands in this area are known for their pink sand.  This photo kind of captured that

not sure it was going to stay put

Video of waves coming from 2 different directions at the west end of Little San Salvador

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