Friday, February 17, 2017

February 7 2017 Flamingo Air Staniel Cay to Nassau

We left the boat about 7;30 am.  We easily found the inlet that led up to the airport in our dinghy.  We tied the dinghy up at the dock for Isles General Store.  We just had to cross a bridge and the airport was right there.  This airport was a little more active than Black Point.  We visited with another couple that had been here in a cottage.  For $250 a day, you get the cottage, a 15 foot fishing boat and 3 meals a day at the yacht club for 2 people.  They enjoyed it.  Then we overheard another couple saying they would never come back here.  They preferred Barbados.  I guess it depends on what you are looking for.
There's Kaitlin, the one I am pointing to
We really enjoyed our 3 days with Kaitlin.  She is such a delight, and reminded us of her mother more than once, which is a compliment.  

We stopped at the grocery store before returning to our boat.  They had a limited, but nice selection of food.  The plan was to head further south right away.  But we ended up spending the day doing more laundry and being lazy. 

We headed to shore for a late lunch and to pick up more fuel.  The only place for fuel is at the yacht club.  They were out of gasoline and only had diesel.  So we took what we could get.  

Later that afternoon, I went over to Cheryl and Glenn’s boat.  I wanted to check it out and to visit longer with Cheryl.  We even fit in a game of cribbage as we talked and snacked on a few appetizers. 
Cheryl and Glenn's boat

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