Sunday, February 19, 2017

February 18, 2017 Clarence Town visit

 Dave was feeling better, but not 100%.  We made water, cleaned, and went to shore for the first time. 
We topped off our gasoline, only a couple gallons, but good to leave  here fully fueled.  We walked to the catholic church to find out what time mass would be on Sunday.   There wasn’t a sign outside.  The lady at the gas station said she could call someone, so we went back there.  On the way, we stopped a police car to see if they knew.  They said “it should be sometime on Sunday morning”.  Then they gave me a number to call.  No answer, so we went back to the station.  Stanlica called someone and found out mass was at 9:00.  She said most people just call her Stan.  She said “I had 9 older brothers.  You would have thought my parents would have named one of them after my daddy.”  Then she told us that her mother died when she was 2, and her father raised all 10 kids by himself.  Now she if kind of picky about who she will want to marry because they have a hard act to follow.  She was fun to visit with.
dinghy dock, unusual to see stairs instead of a ladder
gas station where Stanlica worked
really nice bathrooms at the dock, but no electricity or water, plus construction supplies at the dock
there are many homes like this in the Bahamas, one hurricane too many

road straight up from the dock, Dave is walking towards me
unusual to see a building like this
We saw a little bar called Skeeter Bar on the way to the church.  We were across the street, but we could smell mosquito repellent.  Not going there!  We walked along the beach to Rowdy Boys.  It was a nice restaurant near the only marina, Flying Fish.  We decided to have dinner with a few beers.  We made it back to the boat before sunset. 
Rowdy Boys bar and grill

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