Friday, February 17, 2017

February 14, 2017 Valentine's Day Raft Up, Georgetown

Second day of laundry!!  So excited to get that taken care of. 

We have had a corned beef roast in our freezer since December.  We decided to swap holidays and cook it today instead of St Patrick’s Day.  We want to make room in the freezer for fish.  We started cooking it this morning, and put it in our Wonderbag. 

Dave contacted the generator company by e-mail and they gave him a couple things to check.  To work on the generator, he has to empty the lazarette into the cockpit.  So it was a little tricky getting around everything with my laundry.  He found that the brushes were worn and sticky.  He cleaned them up but wanted to see if he could find a replacement in town.  The AID hardware/NAPA store was further north west than the Fish Fry village.  The store told him to go to the next beach and walk about a 1/4 mile further.

He asked me to go with him so I could stay with the dinghy while he walked to the store.  We passed a really nice resort that I didn’t even know was there.  The beach closest to the store was a beautiful deserted beach.  There were a couple of picnic tables in the trees and 3 other people on the beach.  We pulled the dinghy up on the beach and threw out an anchor.  It was in the shade, so I was going to relax and read a book.  As I turned to sit down, I looked at that beach and just had to go for a walk. 

I left both of our back packs in the dinghy, so I kept looking back to check on it.  But if someone came out of the trees and took off with the backpacks OR the dinghy, I wouldn’t have been able to stop them.  But this place is pretty safe.  One lady was sleeping on the beach.  And one couple were walking the beach, but had sat down by the time I passed them.  They said hello with an accent, so I asked them where they were from, France.  I figured they were not Americans because the woman was topless.  I also saw 2 turtles swimming in the bay.  It was really a beautiful beach.


nicer view than the one at our anchorage

we'll come back to this beach the next time we're in Georgetown
The store didn’t have the part Dave needed.  But an older man told him that they should work fine with the way Dave had cleaned them up.  We made one more grocery store and garbage run before leaving town. 

When we returned to the boat, we had our corned beef and cabbage for a late lunch/early dinner.  Dave was struggling with putting the brushes back in place and finally gave up.  Then he noticed a broken wire, so it was actually a good thing he didn’t complete his project today.  He probably wouldn’t have known about the broken wire and would have blamed the brushes.  He thinks he should write a blog about how lucky he has been when he doesn’t complete a project.  Obviously this is a common occurrence.  He put the cockpit back together again, because we plan to leave here in the morning.

We were invited to a “raft up” this evening.  Our friends on Sea Ya, Phillip and Teresa were also here for a couple days.  They plan to leave for the Caribbean this week.  They knew several people anchored here, and they all wanted them to stop by.  So they decided to organize a "raft up" of dinghies.  About 10 dinghies tied together and visited.  Several people brought something to pass around to eat.  And everyone brought their own beverages.  Everybody introduced themselves and told where they had met Phillip and Teresa.  We knew a couple of the other boaters.  AND we met the guy on the catamaran that anchored too close to us at Lee Stocking Island.  They have only been sailing for one year, so Dave was right about them being new. 

Of course, at sunset a few conch shells came out.  It is a tradition to blow one at sunset.  Fun night!!

Phillip in the white t-shirt and the man on the left standing with the hat are both from South Africa
Phillip is standing on the right, we met the couple with the sun between them in the Spanish Wells area

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