Friday, February 17, 2017

February 13, 2017 Fish Fry Village, Georgetown

We started laundry nice and early today.  It is an all day affair if you want to give them time to dry.  Dave went into town to buy another gas jerry can and fill it with gas.  No sign of the one we lost. 

When Dave returned, he wanted to take me out for lunch.  On a beach northwest of the main part of town, there are several small restaurants at Fish Fry village.  Dave rode by them last year looking for boat parts and had always wanted to check them out.  There were several places, but only 3 looked open.  We chose Shirley’s because it had a deck with outdoor seating.  The other 2 looked more like bars than restaurants.  Dave had a fish dinner and I had a fish wrap.  Both were good. In the sand, there was a covered table with a single rope for a swing.  Dave called it a thong hammock.  Eww!
I thought it was a beautiful view until Dave described the rope hanging there.

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