Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January 5, 2017 Royal Island Harbour and new snorkel gear

We moved the boat back to Royal Island Harbour today.  There is going to be front moving through here this weekend and it is a nice protected harbor.  We also wanted to get there before it filled up with other boats. 

After moving, Dave worked on our generator, again.  The amount of exhaust cooling water exiting the side of the boat had slowed down.  We had been using the Honda generator for making water until he had a chance to look at it.  The first thing to check is the impeller, or as Dave calls it “the boss of shooting water through”.  He found it was missing a vane.  He then had to hunt for the broken piece so it wouldn’t clog anything.  The pieces usually get hung up in the heat exchanger, which is where he found it.  The impeller freezes in place when not being used.  We purposefully ran the generator a few times over the summer just because of that.  It may have broken during one of those times after it had been sitting for awhile and only now clogged the heat exchanger.  This is a good example of why boats need to be used and not sit in a boat yard.

I spent some time making bread and “shopping” for groceries on the boat.  I have a shelf that is easily accessible that I use on a daily basis.  Occasionally, I have to dig into my storage areas to replenish that shelf.  I also document everything I move in my app “What’s on my Boat”.  It’s seem like a lot of work, but without it, I would never know what we had stored and what we needed to buy.  So it works for me.  

It was about 2:00 by the time our “tasks” were done for the day.  We decided to go snorkeling.  We bought new masks in Florida in December and were anxious to try them.  We took the dinghy to the outside of the harbor.  We took spears, but weren’t seriously fishing, only getting used to everything again.  It was a good thing we didn’t have big plans because our masks fogged and wouldn’t clear with the usual spit and rinse routine.  I happen to bring my old mask and used it for a while.  Dave had switched the straps on his already, so he suffered through the foggy mask until we both gave up. 

I also tried diving down to look for lobster under ledges or rocks.  It seemed like it was hard for me to get very deep.  I was trying out a new “shorty” 3 mil wetsuit.  And Dave later reminded me that it would make me more buoyant.  I have never snorkeled in one.  But I have worn one scuba diving with a weight belt to help you go down and stay down.

Afterwards, we remembered that you have to clean the mask to get off the silicone layer needed as a releasing agent when they are made.  Dave researched it and found we could use plain toothpaste and do it several times with drying in between.  So he went to work on that and did it about 5 times that night.

looking east
looking west

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