Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January 3, 2017 Spanish Wells, Eluthera

We moved our boat about 6 miles to be closer to the channel that enters Spanish Wells.  We took our dinghy in for errands.  First things first-we went out for lunch at a small restaurant by the dock, Anchor Snacks.  Their special of the day was a local dish called steamed pork and steamed corned beef.  So we tried one of each.  They were cooked in a tomato based sauce.  The pork was similar to pulled pork.  The corned beef was more the consistency of corned beef hash. 

Next, we filled our jerry cans with fuel, 4 diesel and one gasoline.  The man helping Dave told Dave “bring oda da udda ose.” Dave asked him a few times to repeat it, and finally figured out that he wanted to bring over the other gasoline hose to our dinghy. 

There is a small, but more expensive, grocery store right at the fuel dock, Pinder’s Supermarket.  We plan to make a trip to the bigger grocery store tomorrow, but decided to pick up eggs and flour here so we wouldn’t have to carry them so far. 

Pinder’s Supermarket is also where a person makes arrangements for travel from the airport to Spanish Wells.  Since we may have friends meet us here later this spring, we checked it out.  The person in the store gave us her brother’s card.  Calvin Pinder has a taxi and a ferry that will bring you to their dock from the airport for $15/person.  And it takes about 30 minutes.  He just needs an e-mail to make the arrangement.  Sounds pretty simple. 

As always, I was excited to bring a bag of garbage to shore.  Once the galley garbage is full, we put it in a black contractor bag in the shower of our forward head.  We add other garbage to it.  We try not to put food garbage in it.  And we rinse food containers.  That helps keep down the smell (and bugs).  But I am always happy to get rid of it.  It’s something you take for granted on land.

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