Wednesday, January 4, 2017

December 29-30, 2016 Russell Island for wifi and SSB improvements

We decided to move to Russel Island today.  We wanted to be able to get better wifi to listen to the college football playoffs.  We anchored off of the south side of the island near the Sandbar restaurant.  Last year we were able to pick up their wifi and it worked again.  I was also able to update my blog. 

Dave wanted to finish up his work in the aft lazarette with the fuel leak.  First he washed down any area where fuel had leaked with soapy water.  Dave zip tied the vent line along with the wiring in the area.  Without ties, things rub, chafe and break because of the motion of the boat.  So once his job was completed, he had to go back in and “tie up loose ends”.   He cleaned up the sawdust and was able to put everything back in it’s place.

I defrosted the freezer and cleaned the refrigerator and galley. 

Dave was finally able to thoroughly clean the bilge.  He waited until the leak was completely taken care of.  He had to remove the items stored there.  Then he used soapy water to wash the floor of the bilge and remove any remaining fuel. 

While the bilge was open, Dave ran copper strapping to connect the Dyna plate, a grounding plate in the floor of the bilge, to the SSB radio ground to get rid of radio frequency noise and interference.  The Dyna plate also acts as a mirror to reflect the radio signals up into space instead of down or out and around.  We want all the power of the signal to shoot up.  All this will help us get better reception for weather faxes and for communication. 

Dave is reaching under the floor and I was pulling up on the copper strapping.  It has blue tape on the edges.  There is a crowbar holding the wood away fro the wall

the sunset can go through so many changes in one night

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