Monday, December 5, 2016

October 28-31, 2016 Road trip to Atlanta and St Augustine

We were invited to Atlanta for the weekend by our SD friends, Randy and Deb Louchart.  They throw a Halloween party every year and wanted us to join them. 

We took our jenny sail and our sail rite sewing machine along to add a spreader patch on the sail.  We have been postponing doing this because there wasn’t a clean place to lay the sail out.  We ended up doing it in their yard.  Back at the boat, Dave also added a patch to the head of the sail where it had torn.



The party was fun with all of their friends in costumes.  We stopped at our storage unit and picked up costumes for ourselves.  They had a great spread of food.  Always fun to see them. 


ribs in the chest and cheese steak sandwiches in the legs, cauliflower in the head
We returned to the boat on Sunday because Dave had an appointment in St Augustine on Monday at the VA clinic for his annual exam.  Good for another year.  October 31 was the anniversary of our first date 42 years ago! 

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