Monday, December 5, 2016

October 26, 2016 Pumpkin carving, etc

We have always enjoyed carving pumpkins this time of year.  Actually, Dave has some good stories about pumpkin carving in the past.  This year we carved pumpkins with the boat owner’s 3 year old son, Clayton and our South African friends, Adrian and Brenda.  They had never carved them before. 

We also had a nice dinner at the boat yard with Adrian and Brenda and Larry and Rosie.  We three women would attend church together.  The church had a fundraiser selling smoked Boston Butts.  So we bought 2, one to freeze and one to share with these 2 couples.  It was a nice potluck meal together before everyone started going their separate ways. 
Boston Butt
Brenda and Adrian, Dave, Rosie and Larry
 We also attended the St Mary’s Rock Shrimp festival together.  Clayton from the boatyard drove a small tractor in the parade.  We also enjoyed a shrimp meal at the festival.

Rocky, Clayton, and Missy Smith
Rosie in line

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