Wednesday, December 7, 2016

November 30, 2016 Lifting the boat to finish painting

We thought this day would never come!  The boat lift raised our boat off of the boat stands so we could finish repairing and painting the hull.  They brought in the boat lift.  They center the lift over our boat.  The straps have to go in certain places to lift the boat.  Our manual tells where, but they knew.  They wrap the straps in plastic so nothing scratches our new paint job, or gets it dirty from lifting other boats. 
fork lift to move our stairs away

bringing in the boat lift
lining up the straps in the correct place

Dave supervising the wrapping of the slings

off the ground and ready to finish the work on the hull and keel
After it was lifted, Dave went to work to finish the bottom.  There was an area of bare metal on the bottom of the keel that he had to repair.  There was a step that was supposed to dry for 24 hours, but they can’t tie up the boat lift that long.  So Dave used a heat gun to help dry the steps that needed it.  He started at noon and didn’t quit until midnight. 

While layers were drying, we made one last trip to our storage unit in Brunswick, GA, about 1 hour north of us.  I also did some laundry.  May be the last time we use a washing machine for several months.  That was a long day.

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