Monday, December 5, 2016

November 10, 2016 Mast Projects

All the projects on the mast took 4 trips.  Dave was up the mast for 4 hours on the longest day.  Dave used ascenders on a halyard from his rock climbing days to go up the mast.  That way I don’t have to crank him up with the winch.  BUT he also will do this with no one around to assist him, should he need it.  Pros and cons.

List of Mast projects in no order:
Mounted 2 steps at the top so Dave has a place to stand while doing repairs at the top and to be able to look down on the top of the mast
Checked all the lights, anchor at top, motor/steaming light and deck light.  The deck light socket was messed up.  So had to order new light and later install it
Repair top of furler for forward sail.  There was a cap out of place on the forestay.  Dave needed an allen wrench.  I had to tape the set to a halyard (rope) so he could pull it up
Mounted our radar reflector on the port spreader arms (made changes on another trip)
Fixed the flag halyard
Placed a cleat for the spinnaker pole raising and lowering line
Mounted the spinnaker pole onto the mast

After completing the projects, we had to slowly unfurl the main sail (it is inside the mast) to be sure no screws were catching it or would tear it.

Dave also took some photos from the top of the mast of our boat and the boat yard and the river

allen wrenches taped to line to raise to Dave

working on the radar reflector

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