Monday, December 19, 2016

December 13, 2016, Great Sale Cay

We both went back to bed by 6:00 am.  For the passage, we make the salon settee into a bed.  Then we move our bedding with the extra cushion onto that bed.  There’s much less motion in the salon area than in the v-berth.  But we moved everything back into the v-berth once we were anchored.  Eye masked are a great help to go back to sleep after sunrise.
We slept until about 9 or 10:00.  We made coffee and had breakfast out in the cockpit.  The sea was like glass.  We watched another boat come in and anchor a ways down the coast from us.  They probably just did an overnight passage, too.   There aren’t any towns in this part of the Bahamas. 

my view with my morning coffee

only neighbor
We wanted to check in at Walkers Cay this year.  It is the furthest north Custom’s office in the Bahamas.  BUT, we decided to just be lazy today and enjoy being here with nothing to do. 

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