Thursday, October 20, 2016

October 5, 2016 Hurricane preparation

Looking overcast to the south, eerie feeling
I was agonizing all day on whether to go to the class or stay here with Dave.  Everyone in the boatyard was asking each other what they thought we should do, stay or leave, what the history was of flooding in the boatyard, etc.  All the while people are moving loose objects, tying things down, removing anything that will catch the wind.  We removed our jib sail.  It is wrapped around the fore stay, but if a piece of the end works free, the wind will shred it.  Dave wanted to take it down and add a piece for protection in an area where the sail rubs the spreader arms.  So that will be done before we put it back up. 

About 4:00pm, the school called me and said they were closing the University of Florida on Friday.  That made one decision for me.  Gainesville is probably 80 miles inland, so this is getting serious. 

We decided at this time to contact our SD friends that live in Atlanta, Randy and Deb Louchart.  They have always told us we could stay with them if we needed to evacuate for a hurricane.  They were going to be home and definitely wanted us to join them.  We discussed our plans with another couple that have a 4 door pick up truck but no contacts in the area.  Brenda and Adrian are from South Africa.  They have never experienced a hurricane either. 

We checked with Randy and Deb and of course, they said our friends were welcome.  Another couple, Larry and Rosie, had an offer to go to a home in St Mary’s.  And they would be able to use the courtesy car from the boat yard.  A young couple, Derek and Rosie, were leaving and heading to Atlanta to be with friends.  The others either lived in the area, had options of places to go, or were staying with their boats.  There are several boats sitting here stored for the summer.  A few owners showed up to do some preparations.

I had been planning to defrost our freezer all week.  So I spent the evening doing that.  If we lose power, all that ice would melt.  We have a well freezer, but the water would flow into the refrigerator and damage the bottom of the door.  And during all this time, we are answering phone calls and texts from family and friends. 

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