Monday, October 3, 2016

August 1-6, 2016 South Dakota to Oklahoma road trip

Monday, I had lunch with Pete and April before we went our separate ways.  Then I headed to Pierre to meet up with family at my brother Don and Linda’s.  They shared stories and photos of their vacation in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

The prairie looks more beautiful to me now than when I lived here.
One last cruise with the top down before we load it up with my sisters baggage, oh I mean luggage :)

Tuesday, we had lunch with Elwood and Pam Moore.  Elwood is my brother-in-law, Jim Moore’s, brother and they have a home in Pierre now.  That afternoon, Bev and I drove to Miller, SD to see more relatives.  Our cousin Joe Zeller lives there.  His wife, Gail, is one of my grade school/high school/life long girlfriends.  We had dinner together at the Turtle Creek Saloon along with their son, Aaron.  Great hamburger and beer battered fries, and beer (and more beer)!  Always enjoy visiting them. 

Wednesday, Bev and I drove part way to Oklahoma. We spent the night in Kansas with a stop along the Missouri River in SD.

Beverly at the Fort Randall Dam, border of SD and Nebraska

Thursday, we stopped in Lindsborg, Kansas to see this Scandinavian town.  We had a great lunch at a Swedish restaurant.  We made it to Beverly’s home that night in Harrah, OK.

Lindsborg, Kansas


oil well in Oklahoma
Friday, we relaxed and unpacked.

Meanwhile in SD, our friend Cheryl found my sister, Janice Moore, and Toni Moore at the Sturgis motorcycle rally
Saturday: Happy Birthday to my sister Beverly.  We had plans to have dinner with her son and his family, but those plans changed.  We woke up that morning with a phone call from Bev’s son, Kevin.  His wife, Melanie, had an appendicitis attack during the night.  They were at the hospital and she was having surgery at 11:00 that morning.  We spent the day at the hospital and helped entertain their 3 girls. The surgery went well, and Melanie was actually dismissed that evening.

McKenna Krause-a dentist's nightmare

Mya Krause- a sweetheart even after a long day at the hopsital

What a great daddy-Kevin and Mya Krause, Bev's son.

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