Saturday, July 2, 2016

June 25-26, 2016 boat yard courtesy car

More boat work
I spent time looking at our expenses in the Bahamas.  I kept a spreadsheet of our expenses and wanted to look at totals and averages and compare to last year.  We did reduce our average monthly spending.  Yay! 

June 26 Sunday
We asked to use the boat yard’s courtesy car today to go to church and run some errands.  Another couple were interested in going into town at the same time, so we shared the vehicle.  We had met and talked to Rosie and Larry a couple times.  Rosie was also going to the catholic church.  The guys dropped us off and went out for a cup of coffee. 

After church, we went to a local restaurant for lunch, Steffens.  Dave and I had to have the southern fried chicken.  Fun local diner.  After lunch, we stopped at Publix grocery store for a few things.  It was fun to get away from the boatyard, and we enjoyed their company.  Larry and Rosie are in their early 70’s.  They have been living aboard their boat since 2000.  They have been working on their boat in this boatyard for 3 years.  They are close to launching again.  They have a motorcycle that they generally ride, but we had a heavy rain storm this morning.  It was fun to share the car and have a tour guide. 

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