Saturday, July 2, 2016

June 24, 2016 Fernandina Beach with Debbie Johnson

Today, we spent some time with my long time friend, Debbie Johnson and her family.  We became friends in Rapid City about 20 years ago.  She moved to Phoenix, AZ 6 or 7 years ago.  One of her sons, Bryce, is in the Air Force and stationed at Valdosta, GA about an hour drive from here.  Dave was stationed there in 1980. 

Debbie, Bryce, Brittany and their two daughters, Annabelle and Cloe, came to visit us.  They spent the night at the La Quinta that we stayed at last weekend.  First, they came over to the boat to pick us up.  Dave decided to stay and work on the boat.  So we all sat at the outdoor furniture on the property and visited.  I had made conch salad with conch from the Bahamas.  They loved it.  The girls liked the crackers and popcorn. 
table and chairs off to the left

After our visit, all of us, except Dave, went to Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island.  It is about 6 miles south of us, as the crow flies.  But we had to go back out to the interstate, go south, then back out towards the beach.  They had researched where a good place would be for oysters and had picked the Salty Pelican.  The “downtown” area near the harbor on the ICW had a fun shopping/restaurant area.  We walked about a block away and found a little pub to have a drink in while we waited for our table.  Their 2 hour wait ended up being only 30 minutes.  The food was really good.  Debbie’s grand daughters were 5 & 7 and were very well behaved and fun to be with.  We walked along the boardwalk before heading back to St Mary’s.  They are going to spend the day at Jekyll Island tomorrow. 

It is always great to see Debbie.  We manage to see each other once a year, usually in Rapid City. 
great oysters and shrimp
Debbie and Mary

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