Saturday, July 2, 2016

June 19, 2016 Brunswick, GA visit

Happy Father’s Day to Dave and all the fathers in our lives.  Sure miss my own father today.

We were able to get a late checkout for our room.  The catholic church mass in St Mary’s was at 11:00.  So Dave was able to wait for me in the room.  This was the first church I have attended in the states since January.  We really take the building, music, and priests for granted here. 

Today we went back to the boatyard and set up the air conditioner over our v-berth hatch.  We have the car until Monday, so we wanted to make sure we didn’t need any other parts. 

We wanted to drive to our storage unit in Brunswick, GA.  Since it was late afternoon, we decided to eat at a Mexican restaurant first.  We found a great one and had leftovers for the two of us to have another meal. 

Brunswick is only about 30 miles north on the interstate.  We were about half way there and realized neither of us had a key to the storage unit.  We don’t carry keys on us anymore.  So back we went and started all over again.  We saw a wild boar along the interstate.  That was a first. 

At the storage unit, Dave went through tools and parts for the projects he had planned for the summer.  I picked up some clothes I could use this summer that I didn’t need in the Bahamas.  And we picked up our dehumidifier.  We will run that while we are away from the boat in July. 

Back to the boat for the first night in dry dock.  Pee S. the port-a-potty came in handy and worked well. 

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