Saturday, July 2, 2016

June 17, 2016 Jacksonville and Green Cove Springs, FL

Today was road trip day.  We were looking for a Coleman port-a-potty, but couldn’t find one in the area.  So I checked with Camping World yesterday, and they had one similar, but better, of course, Thetford.  We headed there first, in case we needed to look elsewhere.  We liked what they had and picked up a few other “do dads” for the boat. 

Next we went to Green Cove Springs.  It is a few miles south west of Jacksonville.  It feels like a suburb as you drive there.  We picked up our mail and stopped at the voter registration office to have absentee ballots sent to us.  Along with our business mail, we had 4 Christmas cards.  That was fun to see.  Dave had an order with boat parts that was missing something.  It took awhile to clear that up.  They wondered why were calling now when we had received the package in March.  Long story, but they are sending the missing part.  It isn’t something we need right away, obviously.  So it will sit in Green Cove Springs until this fall.  We’ll make one more trip there before we take off in the fall. 

Our next stop was Kohl’s department store.  We both needed some new clothes.  Everything we bought was cotton.  Doing laundry by hand, we realize cotton dries faster.  And sometimes rayon and polyester are hot.  I was really excited because I had gone down a size (2 since moving aboard). 

It was about 6:00 when we finished shopping so we decided to eat in Jacksonville.  We looked at our VZ Navigator on the phone and scrolled through the ethnic foods.  We decided we missed Greek food and found a place that would be on our way back north.  We found Hovan Gormet Mediterranean in a nice neighborhood called Riverside.  There were lots of restaurants and stores, and it was about 2 blocks from the St John’s River. 

It was a casual place and you ordered at the counter.  Another guy in line filled us in on all the options.  He obviously ate there a lot.  We each had their gyro sandwich with 2 sides.  Dave had tabbouleh and stuffed grape leaves.  I had the Mediterranean salad and hummus with awesome bread.  Then we shared our sides.  We loved it. 

After we ate, we walked to the river.  There is a dock where boats can tie up to for free during the day.  It was further east, so we didn’t get to check it out.  The St John’s river is really wide.  We made it back to the La Quinta by sunset, Dave’s goal.

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