Saturday, June 18, 2016

May 24, 2016 Dinner guests aboard our boat

Dave went to shore today for fuel.  It was about 2 miles by dinghy.  And the fuel jugs take up a lot of room.  So I opted to stay at the boat.  I was excited about having dinner guests. 

I decided to do some baking.  I tried my favorite bread recipe again, and the 2 loaves turned out perfect.  Then I made a pumpkin dessert.  I have been wanting to make it for awhile now.  But we didn’t want to eat the whole thing.  So sharing it with guests was perfect.  We really like pumpkin pie, but don’t care if we have the pie shell.  So we just make it in a pan without the shell.  Cheryl had left a white cake mix with us.  So I wanted to try the topping of cake mix, melted butter and pecans.  I only had to use half of the bag of cake mix in the 8x8 inch pan.  It looked and smelled good when I took it out of the oven. 
Ok, I got a little carried away with the flour
I also spent time picking up the boat.  We planned to eat in the cockpit, but there was always a chance that it would rain.  When Dave returned with fuel, he cleaned the cockpit.  Funny how whether you are on a boat or on land, having company helps you clean up.  I remember picking up our son after work when he was about 5 and both Dave and I were working.  He asked me what we were doing that night.  I said cleaning the house.  He asked “who is coming to visit”.  I guess we had already made that impression on him. 

When Dave got back, we moved our boat closer to Spanish Wells for better protection from NE winds.  Phil and Teresa moved their boat, too, which made it easier for them to join us for dinner.

Phil and Teresa came over around 4:00.  We just visited for awhile before Dave cooked the fish. Teresa wanted a tour of our boat.  People should never look at boats bigger than their own.  It’s hard to go back to your smaller boat.  She was so impressed by my fresh bread and dessert.  She was feeling bad about not being very domestic until I explained to her that I hadn’t cooked in about 25 years.  I am just tickled that I can actually make bread.  Then she shared in my excitement.   
best loaf of bread yet and pecan pumpkin dessert behind the wine bottle
fun to share with company

Dave cooked the grunt and squirrel fish on the grill.   We tried those first, like an appetizer.  Then he fried some wahoo.  Teresa had brought some mixed vegetables.  The fresh bread was perfect.  We all enjoyed the fish.  And the pumpkin dessert was a hit.  It was a perfect night for eating outside in the cockpit. 

Phil and Teresa are having the bottom of their boat painted next week, so they are just hanging out until then.

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