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May 22, 2016 Two Years Before the Mast and lightning

moon before sunrise
I happen to be up before sunrise this morning (and went back to bed).  I was able to take a photo of the moon before sunrise and it’s reflection on the water.  It’s times like that when I wish I had a better camera.  Photos just don’t do nature justice.

Today I finished reading Two Years Before the Mast by Richard Henry Dana, Jr.  It was about his life aboard a ship as crew in the early 1800’s.  Someone had  told us over a year ago that everyone that lives on a boat should read it.  It was interesting, but very detailed about the mechanics of sailing at times.  So I would put it down and read other books and come back to it.  I finally decided I should finish it before my own “2 years before the mast” since I started the book. 

I want to quote a line from his concluding chapter that hit home.  “The romantic interest which many take in the sea, and in those who live upon it, may be of use in exciting their attention to this subject, though I cannot but feel sure that all who have followed me in my narrative must be convinced that the sailor has no romance in his every-day life to sustain him, but that it is very much the same plain, matter-of-fact drudgery and hardship, which would be experienced on shore.”  

I think the same can be said about reading my blog when I describe everyday life on the baot.  Another quote I can relate to is “Cruising is just working on your boat in pretty places”.  There are a fair amount of just everyday chores that need to be done.  But we love exploring the islands and waters, and meeting such interesting people on other boats and on shore.  We wouldn’t trade it for the world.  So thanks to any of my followers that hang in there during the boring days. 

This afternoon, we toured the island of Meeks Patch by dinghy.  It has a coupe nice beaches.  There were some families on shore and in the water enjoying a day at the beach.  They had come over from the mainland by power boats.  On the far side of the island, the wind was stronger and hitting the shore.  So we tried out our dinghy anchoring system again.  The new swivel worked great!  Now we just have to get better at estimating the length of our lines.  The first time, we were too close to shore.  The second time, too far away.  But there were storm clouds on the horizon, so that was enough for today.  At least we know the swivel works better. 

Before going to bed at night, Dave goes out in the cockpit to make sure everything is secure.  He closes the windows on the dodger and tucks up cushions under the dodger.  Then we’re prepared if it rains during the night or a strong wind comes up.  Tonight he had to call me outside for the “light show”  We have been enjoying the full moon for a few days now.  But tonight, there was a huge bank of clouds below the moon that had a wild lightening show for us.  I tried to video it, but it needed to be panoramic to get the full effect.  And I couldn’t help but think as I was holding up my phone, that a lightening bolt could come right at me. 

click to see lightning video

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