Saturday, June 18, 2016

May 21, 2016 Soda Bread at Meeks Patch, Eleuthera

Since Dave made pizza yesterday, he has the “bread bug” to make something else.  Today, he tried soda bread with raisins.  He improvised with the ingredients to take advantage our 
“Tin Can Galley”.  He used our Nido powdered milk and Media Crema for the sour cream.  You can add vinegar to the Media Crema to make sour cream.  We had gotten tired of the taste and started buying sour cream.  But after trying it again today, it wasn’t so bad.  So we’ll have to use up our last 3 cans instead of buying sour cream.  He also used the last of our raisins, but that was ok, because the end result was fantastic.  He thought it would stay in a loaf shape in a cake pan, but it spread out and filled the pan like a cake.  So we immediately froze half of it. 

By today, our towels in the “24 hour rinse cycle” were smelling a little rough.  So we put them in fresh water with some ammonia.  Scented laundry soaps and softeners bother Dave’s sinuses.  This really worked to remove any smell and didn’t leave any ammonia odor.  Actually, we had read that it will help your clothes dry faster because it evaporates faster than water.  In this case, I don’t think it made a difference because it was diluted.  

Maintenance days:  I cleaned heads and floors.  Dave filled fuel tanks from the jerry cans and cleaned the outside of the boat.  I decided to take a photo of the cabinetry in our head.  It’s amazing how you can get used to such a small space.  We keep products that are used less often in our v-berth.  And we have refills stored even deeper.  So it works.  I empty the shelves to wipe them and every bottle, etc on the shelves.  Otherwise you see mildew over time. 
I placed the tooth paste and a Mary Kay bottle so you could vision the dimensions.  The green shelves are the only two shelves.  The top white board is just the top on the outside of the cabinet.  There are a lot of pipes below the sink for the sink, shower and head.  There isn't a floor to the cabinet so water can flow into the bilge if there were a leak.
We spent the evening watching Les Miserables for the ??? time.  Our son played the roll of Jean Valjean in high school and Javert in a community play version.  I think this was the first time in 10 years that I have been able to listen to “God on High” without crying.  AND, of course, Peter could sing it better than Hugh Jackman, if I may say so. 

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