Saturday, June 18, 2016

May 20, 2016 Homemade Pizza

Today, we planned to do laundry.  We even started soaking a bucket of towels overnight.  But we had rain off and on all day.  We moved the towels to a “rinse cycle” and left them there all day. 

We spent some time online today researching what needs to be done to repair the shaft.  Dave thinks we may be able to replace the stern tube.  That’s what he had been calling the shaft log.  So we started looking for a DIY boatyard, do it yourself.  That way we can paint the bottom when we have the boat out for the repair.  Our insurance company wants us to be north of Florida by July 15.  We had heard about St Mary’s Boat Services at St Mary’s, Georgia.  It is just across the St Mary’s inlet from Fernandina, FL.  Everything was looking pretty good until I pulled out our insurance policy.  The southern limit on our policy for hurricane season is latitude 30.5.  St Mary’s is located at 30.44.  Can you believe it?  As we looked at DIY boatyards further north, we decided we would rather change our insurance policy. 

We were planning to change it at the renewal date on June 26 to allow us to go further south next year.  So we may go that route.  I started some research into other companies vs just changing our existing policy.  Dave found a great article by someone who had researched companies called “What marine insurance companies don’t want you to know”.  That was a starting point.  Now I have some work to do.  June 26 will be here before we know it. 

Dave made homemade pizza today.  He mixed the dough and baked it in a cake pan-that’s what fits in our oven.  He actually made two, but had to bake them one at a time.  It turned out great.  He is already thinking of alterations and wants to try again.  Sounds like a good plan to me. 

full moon right after sunset

love to see the moon shining on the water

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