Tuesday, June 7, 2016

May 16, 2016 Exumas to Current Settlement, Eleuthera

We were up early listening to Chris Parker’s weather on the Single Side Band radio-6:30.  He predicted squalls and thunderstorms on Tuesday and Wednesday from the SE.   We don’t have much protection here, so we decided to move to Current Island in the Eleutheras.   We were really lucky to have 5 days of calm weather in this underwater playground.  After Chris gives his forecast, “subscribing vessels” can call in for advice on their particular route.  This morning we heard 2 other boats that we met last summer in GA.  Morahme was in the Caribbean.  And Moon Dancer was in the south eastern Bahamas.  It’s fun to hear their voices and follow where they are going.
tried a panoramic shot

Before we tied up our dinghy on the davits, we went over to say good bye to Bill “Cracky” and Tania.  Their boat is named Painful Pleasure.  I told them of the Jimmy Buffett line “there isn’t any doubt, if it doesn’t work out, the pleasure was worth all the pain”  They liked that. 

We only planned to go about 30nm today.  So we didn’t leave until about 10:30.  We had to motor for the first 10nm though a mine field of rocks.  We followed the charts, but can you really trust that they have every rock marked in exactly the right spot?  In these areas, you have to use VPR, visual piloting rules.  We kept a good watch on the color of the water and avoided the black or brown areas.  After we made it through that area, we were able to sail.  We went through Fleeming channel to be able to anchor on the north side of Current settlement.  This was the widest channel we have ever passed through.  Very uneventful.  Current Settlement is at the north western end of Eleuthera.  We came through the Current Cut back in March.  But tit has a strong current and has to be timed with the tide.  So we avoided that today. 
I was enjoying being on the bow looking for rocks and realized we don't have many photos from this angle
the red spots are rocks we have to navigate through
we look for those black spots
enjoying the ride
a sailboat that just came through the Current Cut

Tonight we had the rest of our grouper with Tania’s potato salad.  We really enjoyed meeting Cracky and Tania.  I think Cracky was excited to have someone to play with, too. 

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