Thursday, June 23, 2016

June 9, 2016 West side of Great Harbor Cay, Bullocks Harbour

Today, we thought the wind would be changing to the north and east, so we moved the boat to the west side of Great Harbor Cay.  Because there is so much shallow water in the area, we had to go north around Great Stirrup and Little Stirrup Cays and down the west side of them to get to an anchorage near Bullock’s Harbor. 

2 cruise ship lines use the shores of the Stirrup Cays for their “Tiki Villages” for shore excursions.  So we passed 2 cruise ships anchored off shore.  It was kind of windy and cloudy, and I felt sorry for the passengers that only had a few days to enjoy the Bahamas.   When boats are at anchor, they usually swing with the direction of the wind.  These 2 boats were anchored 90 degrees to each other.  I can only imagine what they use for anchoring.  There were boats going back and forth from the ship to shore transporting people.  There was a blue section on the beach that appeared to be rows and rows of beach chairs.  Not our kind of beach experience!

As you probably already know, Dave usually stands on the high side of the boat and pees overboard when we are underway.  The water was kind of rough, so he asked me if I thought he should go below to pee (for safety reasons).  Since the high side was towards the cruise ships, I pointed out to him that there were probably people on the cruise ships watching us sail by, even if we couldn’t see them.  Duh?!

After we anchored on the west side of the island, we had a squall show up out of the west.  We had some pretty strong winds with very little protection.  I guess the prevailing winds can be predicted, but squalls often show up from any direction.  So we didn’t go to shore for anything that day.

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