Thursday, June 23, 2016

June 6, 7, 8, 2016 Great Harbor Cay east side

You could tell there was a change in the weather today.  It was kind of overcast all day.  And all the big fluffy clouds were gone.  The wind had picked up, but not bad.  We have been listening to the info about the tropical storm hitting Florida this week.  We have several friends that have returned to the states and are moving up the coast.  Safe travels to all of them!

We reluctantly left our peaceful anchorage this morning.  We only went about 10 nm to the east side of Great Harbor Cay.  The wind will be from the south and south west for the next couple days and we’ll have better protection there.  We anchored in a nice bay.  Everywhere else in the Berries, the east side of the islands are rocky shores.  So this is about the only place to be when there is a west wind, unless you get a slip in a marina. 

beach off our bow
The weather was still overcast and raining off and on.  Early afternoon, we decided to take a dinghy tour of the bay.  We saw someone driving a tractor on the beach.  I think they were cleaning the sand or smoothing it out in front of a property.  Still funny to see. 

We ended up beaching our dinghy to check out the Beach Bar.  It was election day, so they couldn’t serve us any alcohol, which was just fine, cheaper bill.  We had lunch, then they closed until 7:00pm.  But we were free to stay and use their wifi.  I was kind of hoping so, and brought our lap top along.  We spent the rest of the afternoon posting more of my blog and doing some updates. 

tractor on the beach??
wish it had been nicer to enjoy this beach
Beach Bar with outdoor seating under the round roof
view from Beach bar back towards boats in the anchorage.  We're the furthest away
Happy birthday to my brother, Don and brother-in-law Jim!
Another stormy day.  Spent the day cleaning.

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