Thursday, June 23, 2016

June 5, 2016 Market Fish Cay, Berry Islands

Congratulations Devyn Killion on your high school graduation today!!

We thought we could hang out here one more day before the direction of the wind changed to the south west.  We did laundry today.  When Dave went out on the deck to run extra clothes line, he found a squid on our deck.  We didn’t have waves crashing over the side of the boat, so it must have been dropped by a bird. 
with my foot for dimension

Since we weren’t moving the boat today, I decided to make bread again.  It is getting easier every time, more of a routine.  I was reminiscing with Dave how my mother always started her bread and caramel rolls on Saturday mornings.  And we usually had hot caramel rolls about 3:00 that afternoon and for breakfast on Sunday.  But if we had friends sleeping over, she would take some of the dough and make “fritters” for us.  She would fry pieces of dough and put sugar on them for us.  As Dave headed out to hang laundry, he said something about fritters.  Well it was perfect timing.  I actually fried some of the dough and made my own fritters.  Dave was so tickled.  He took them one step further and added cinnamon, too. 

I also spent time on the computer updating my blog.  When we get wifi, I can then use all the time just to post.  That’s why I post several days at the same time. 

Dave spent time cleaning the port lazarette in the cockpit.  A bottle of something had leaked.  So after cleaning things up, he put every bottle in a ziplock bag.  We have tons of them in 4 sizes on the boat.  We bag some things to keep them dry, like paper products.  Then we bag other things so everything else stays dry, like bottles of liquids.  We bag most of our dry food to keep out the moisture.  We even bag canned foods to keep them from rusting.  I bag clothing and bedding that is stored.  Those are in the bags with the vacuum attachment.  It’s hard to do anything on the boat without hearing the crackling of plastic bags. 
bag this and bag that

It must have been more humid that usual today because the laundry didn’t feel totally dry when we took it down.  You can tell we’re both in “going back to the states” mode.  We both figured we’d just put them away and wash them again when we get back to the world of washing machines. 

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