Thursday, June 23, 2016

June 16, 2016 Blocking our boat at St Mary's Boat Services

 Rocky said they usually start work early in the morning, take a break during the heat of the day, then work into the evening.  So as soon as I woke up, I decided to head to the bathroom. We can’t use the head on our boat when we are “on the hard”.  About 8:00, they moved our boat to our “parking spot” for a couple months.  They put 12 boat stands under our boat to support it and then took away the slings.  It’s kind of nerve wracking to watch.  But they did a great job.  Then they brought a ladder that was more like a set of stairs with a railing for us to get on and off the boat.
no more clear blue water :(
moving the boat through the boat yard
slotting it in between 2 other boats
bringing in the boat stands
they place the stands where needed (we trust them)
the owner of the boatyard, Rocky, adjusting the stand
chaining the stands together across from each other
taking away the straps-need more than fingers crossed
free standing on the boat stands
moving our dinghy to under our bow
bringing us our ladder/stairs
our view from the stern
We had their resident marine mechanic check out our shaft.  He gave us his opinion, which was to remove the adhesive that attaches it to the fiberglass and re-evaluate. 

prop looked pretty clean
corrosion on the stern tube
After the boat was settled, we decided to get a rental car to run some errands.  We wanted to get a window air conditioner to help make it bearable in the Georgia heat.  We also wanted a camping port a potty to use during the night.   Too old to make that trip or hold it all night.  Dave also needed some tools for the upcoming jobs.

We are only about an hour’s drive from where our mail is held, so we wanted to drive to Green Cove Springs to pick it up.  They could forward it to us, but there were a couple packages and that gets expensive.  Since we had a car, it would be a fun drive. 

After Enterprise picked us up, took us to their office and checked us into our car, we drove right to a little BBQ spot we saw along side the road.  We missed Georgia BBQ.  It was a little take out place only open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  So we were glad we stopped while we had a car. 

We hit several large stores looking for the air conditioner first.  While I was waiting outside of the Sears store, I made room reservations for us at La Quinta.  We wanted a little welcome home time to regroup with a nice shower and big bed. 
/blocking boat,shaft,

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