Thursday, June 23, 2016

June 14, 2016 Anchoring at St Mary's Inlet, Georgia

When I took over this morning, we were adjacent to Jacksonville, FL.  Almost home! Besides watching for traffic, I usually do some exercises and pray the rosary to stay awake.  If it’s not too rough, I can play solitaire on my phone.  I even read a few articles that I had downloaded in iBooks.  And the moon was reflecting on the water.  Love that view. 
last moon on the water for awhile

We were outside of the channel into St Mary’s inlet by about 4:00 am.  I went below to go to the bathroom (since I don’t pee over the side) and told Dave where we were.  I didn’t need him yet, because it was a long channel that starts about 10 miles off shore.  But I wasn’t sure I would want to leave the helm to wake him later.  So he was up within the hour.  We entered the inlet and anchored off the to the south along the ICW by 7:00 am.  That was 40 hours from the time we left West End.  We thought we made pretty good time. 
Yeah!  Land Ho!!

After making sure everything was secure, we both went to sleep until sometime in the afternoon.  We were pretty much zombies and didn’t do much of anything that day.  I contacted our travel agent in Rapid City to help with our flight arrangements for SD/MN around July 4th.  That’s not too far away.  Since Dave is doing a round trip within 2 weeks, but I am staying longer and returning from a different location, we thought it would be easier to use an agent.  Plus she could play with the dates and times to find us the best deal.  We started with about $650 each and ended up with each being close to $400.  Thanks Gloria at Bursch Travel in Rapid City (used to be Modrick’s).

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