Thursday, June 23, 2016

June 10, 2016 Bullocks Harbour, Berry Islands

It was stormy again today.  But after things let up, Dave loaded up our fuel cans and went to shore in the rain for gas.  The fuel dock is south of town in a bay where the Great Harbor Marina is located.  We needed gas to run our water maker and charge our batteries.  The solar panels weren’t keeping up in this cloudy weather.  Plus we don’t think the batteries are charging as they should.  That will be another project for the summer.  

When he returned, we decided to go into town to check it out.  We tied up our dinghy at the government dock where the mail boat comes in.  Then we walked about 6 blocks to a grocery store.  They had a lot of basic food on their shelves, but their produce was pretty sorry looking.  We decided we wanted cereal for our crossing back to the states (an easy breakfast if it’s hard to cook).  We found a couple boxes for about $5.50.  All the others were in the $7-8.00 range.  I don’t know how the locals can afford to eat.  Eggs were $3.80/dozen.  We have been paying closer to $2 elsewhere.  That’s one thing we haven’t been able to substitute.  The powdered eggs we tried were hard to get to your nose.

park in Bullocks Harbour

our boat at anchor

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