Thursday, May 26, 2016

May 5, 2016 Galley Day

There are supposed to be 3 fronts moving through in 3 days, so we are staying put.  We spent the day cooking and reading.  I had soaked some red beans overnight.  So today, we cooked them and put them in a thermos to finish the cooking.  It doesn’t use any propane that way.  We tried a new bread recipe.  This one was on the package of the bread flour I had bought.  It was for a Rustic Italian bread.  We liked the way it mixed and the way it rose (can you use that for bread rising?).  It turned out great.  I would just tweak a couple things, but will definitely use this recipe and directions again.  Once we come up with a recipe and steps we are comfortable with, we will stick with it and start adding flavors.  I think it just has to become routine and we’ll quit buying bread for the most part. 

We were just talking about how unique it would be to invite other boaters over for homemade warm bread and jelly instead of for happy hour.   We know we would like it.

We thought we would cook the pork steaks and put them in our Wonderbag for 3-6 hours.  But they hadn’t thawed enough.  So we decided to cook a few on the grill tonight and the others tomorrow.  The red beans weren’t as soft as we thought they should be after several hours in the thermos.  So we cooked them a little longer and put them back into the thermos.  We’ll leave them overnight.  Then if they aren’t soft enough, they are just old beans and should be thrown away :(

I made tabouli salad with the fresh vegetables I bought yesterday along with feta cheese.  I had some fresh parsley on the boat that I bought at least a week ago.  I wasn’t sure if if was still ok, so we bought spinach to use if it wasn’t (no parsley at the store).  I had used part of the parsley in my aglio e olio pasta and wrapped the rest of it in foil.  It was still in great shape!  I have been wrapping my celery and decided to try it with fresh herbs.  So that is a tidbit I am going to to continue to do and to pass on to others.

We didn’t get any storms today.  And it was actually pretty calm this evening.  We enjoyed our grilled pork and salad outside with the company of 2 flies.  It’s been much worse at several outdoor restaurants in the Bahamas. 

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