Tuesday, April 12, 2016

March 30, 2016 Old Bight, Cat Island, Bahamas

We had a change in the weather, so we decided to move south to Old Bight for better protection from the south.  It was about 30nm, so we were there well before sunset.  We anchored in a  beautiful bay with some protection from the south.
resort on the shoreline.  I guess the rest of the town is inland
We caught about a half dozen barracuda on this trip.  It is exciting to pull them in.  They are usually about 3 feet long.  But it’s also disappointing because we can’t eat them.  Dave uses a gaff hook to grab their heads so he can get the hook out of their mouth.  They have some nasty looking teeth.  And we recently found out that the have retractive (?) teeth.  So if they bite you and you pull away, you’ll tear a lot of flesh with it.  I knew I didn’t like Barracuda.    With one fish, Dave was swinging the gaff hook and said it would be a shame if he hit the side of the boat.  Well, guess what happened next.  He hit the boat and took out a chunk of fiberglass.  It’s a good thing he has been putting off that fiberglass repair work. 

This evening I mixed bread dough to let rise over night.  We enjoyed the sunset and watched the squalls move across the horizon.  Very peaceful here.

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