Friday, April 8, 2016

March 27, 2016 Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Sunday to all. 
I went to the dinghy dock at the Orchid Bay restaurant to go to church this morning.  Fred and Debbie from Early Out were arriving at the same time.  We walked to church together, about 4 blocks.  No one was at the church when we arrived.  We started walking to the back of the church and someone next door came out of her house to tell us that mass had been moved to 10:00.  The visiting priest was very old and wasn’t feeling well from the heat.  So they moved our mass to 10:00.  The neighboring town that was supposed to have mass at 11:00 was joining us.   There were also a couple vans bringing people from a cruise ship.  Since we had an hour to wait, Fred, Debbie and I walked to a local restaurant, Sammy’s, for coffee and orange juice.

After mass we visited with a few of the people from the cruise ship.  They were fascinated to hear about living on a boat. 
our boat from the church

After we had brunch, we moved the boat to south end of Rock Sound Harbour.  We wanted to stage ourselves for leaving early in the morning.  Plus the Homecoming had their finale tonight.  They had a Junkanoo parade called a Rush at 4:00am and it would last until sunrise.  Junkanoo is a Bahamian tradition of colorful costumes with feather head dresses.  They make all kinds of noise with drums, horns and whistles.  Some people go to bed early and get up for this.  Others just stay up all night priming themselves.  Either way, we didn’t want to hear it at 4:00am. 

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