Friday, April 8, 2016

March 26, 2016 Propane tank project and Orchid Bay

This morning, a couple from a neighboring boat came over to say hello.  Craig and Susan were on a catamaran called Leap of Faith.  They were inviting all the boaters in the harbor, about 8 boats, to join them for happy hour at the restaurant on the shore, Orchid Bay. 

Fred and Debbie stopped by to invite us to go to the Homecoming afternoon activities for the kids.  But we were still not eager to go anywhere.  Fun to get to know the other boaters in the harbor.

Dave’s project today was to change our propane bottle set up.  We have 2 10 pound tanks that sit in a propane locker.  It is set up to drain any fumes out of the boat.  One is connected to our propane stove/oven.  And we have to connect it to the grill when we want to use it.  We also bought a 20 pound tank as a back up because we weren’t sure how easy it would be to refill propane tanks in the Bahamas.  So far we have been OK.  The 20 lb tank sits on the stern port corner perch.  This is a little seat on both sides of the stern that can be removed.  We seldom sit on them, so he mounted the 20 lb tank onto the port stern perch.  Every time we want to grill, he would have to move the 20 lb tank to get into the propane locker.  Now he has a hose in the port lazerette that he can use to connect the 20 lb tank to the grill.  He said he can have that hose hooked up before you can say “burnt chicken anyone?”.  He also uses the 20 lb tank to refill our 1 lb canisters for our Lehr outboard motor for our dinghy.  We found out later that Dave had to add a regulator.

We joined people from 5 other boats at Orchid Bay for happy hour.  Two boats were from Montreal, Quebec.  So Dave got to practice his French.   We also enjoyed meeting the others.  We generally swap stories about where we came from, where we are going, then it usually moves on to discussing boat parts.  We exchanged information with each other.  Most people carry “boat cards”, but I refuse to do that.  I take a picture of their card, store the information in my phone and then send them our information.   I guess I carried business cards all my life and refuse to continue to do that. 

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