Friday, April 8, 2016

March 25, 2016 Homemade Jelly and Cheryl's flight to Marsh Harbor

After breakfast, Dave took the juice we had been saving from canned peaches, pears, and mandarin oranges and made his first attempt at making jelly.  He thought it would make one little jar, but it ended up making 2 large ones once you add all that sugar.  Since I had never made jelly, I thought he was crazy.  I pictured people making 20 jars at once.  And there was no way we would do that on the boat, let alone store them.  So 2 jars seemed to work out just right.  They have to be refrigerated, so we will freeze one and see how that goes. 

Cheryl finished packing this morning and ended up leaving a few things with us.  We think we will cross paths in Georgetown.  So we can just hand over those things to her at that time.

Dave and I did some paperwork online.  I had a document that I needed to print, have notarized and send back to South Dakota.  Cheryl is actually a notary public and had her seal with her!  So we took care of that before she packed her seal away too far. 

We took Cheryl to shore to meet her taxi driver for the airport about 3:00.  Her flight to Nassau was at 4:30.  She will have to overnight in Nassau and fly into Marsh Harbor in the morning.  She will connect with Rinssor, our taxi friend, to get her to the dock and her meeting place for her next adventure.  She promised to keep me informed along the way. 

We ended up doing nothing the rest of the day.  Some other boaters were heading in to the Homecoming, but we had no desire to go anywhere.  The music was pretty loud from our boat, so we couldn’t imagine trying to be any closer.  We actually moved the boat further north to get away from the festivities.  We had to sleep with ear plugs. 

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