Friday, April 8, 2016

March 22, 2016

Dave and I needed to do laundry.  We broke down and went to shore.  $3/machine wasn’t too bad.  The least we have seen in the Bahamas is $5/machine.  So we splurged and did 2 loads.  We had fun visiting with “Showboat”, the owner.  He was an international softball player and got his nickname from being a show off. 

While we were in town, Cheryl did some research for her next plan.  Another sailing friend of ours had told us about a website where you can find a place to stay in exchange for work on land and sea.  The site is  There were two that interested her.  One was helping build a dive hostel in Cozumel.  Cheryl has been diving in Cozumel 9 times and was a dive instructor.  The other was for crew on a catamaran sailboat.  There was a guy in the Abacos that wanted help moving his boat to the Exumas.  She researched what she could about this guy and found that the two of them had one mutual friend on Facebook.  It was the guy we knew that told us about this website.  So we called him and he assured us that this was a great guy.  So Cheryl signed up for the program and sent him her information.  She even talked to him before we returned.  Sounded like a great opportunity for her.  

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