Friday, April 8, 2016

March 19, 2016 Rock Sound exploring

I woke up just before sunrise and could hear an orchestra of roosters on shore.  I couldn’t imagine how it would sound if you were on shore closer to them.  Later that morning, we motor sailed to Rock Sound about 25nm south.
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Cheryl and I took the dinghy to shore to explore the town.  I gave Cheryl lessons on driving the dinghy.  We also checked the anchor by looking through our clear bottomed bucket. 

I wanted to find the catholic church and find out the time of their Sunday mass.  Of course it wasn’t located where I saw it on a map online.  So we asked directions from the next person we saw.  He wanted to just give us a ride there, but he was on his way to something.  So he gave us detailed instructions for the 3-4 blocks we had to walk.  He made it sound more complicated than it was. 

We found the church along the main road we were on when we came into town.  The sign on the door said 9:00am Sunday mass.  Now we walked back towards the dinghy dock.  We stopped at a gas station that also had many services.  They listed laundry, so we went in to ask about it.  They provided a laundry service with a 24 hour turnaround time.  But there was also a laundromat back where we had just come from.  So we walked back to 3T’s to find out the details.  Cheryl hadn’t washed clothes in about 2 weeks.  And some of that was warm winter clothes that would take forever to dry on the boat.  We met the owner, “Showboat”.  The machines were $3 each and he would be open on Sunday. 

As we were heading back to the dinghy dock again, we saw a sign for an “ocean hole”.  I had seen it on a map.  It looked like a round inland lake.  We asked a group of teenaged girls on the street if it was far.  Since it was only a couple blocks, we decided to check it out.  It did look like a round lake with park area around it.  But the sign said it was 600 feet deep with connections to the ocean.  We could see salt water fish in the water.  Pretty cool.
We finally headed back to the boat and took showers off the stern after a short swim.  We had worked up a sweat hiking around town.
we had to duck under this wire as we walked down the street

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