Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 8, 2016 wifi in Georgetown at J&K Productions

Happy Birthday to Dave’s brother, Dean!  He is a police officer in Minneapolis.  So we think of him often.  We had a great week with him here in February. 

We started a load of laundry today.  Since it’s an all day affair, it is nice to get it started early.  I wanted to go into Georgetown today to get a good wifi connection.  Dave decided to go with me and upgrade charts and update apps.  We went to J&K productions.  We paid them $5 per device for all day of wifi.  We were there from about 1:30 until 7:00.  It’s crazy how long some things take.  While I waited for something, I got caught up on Facebook and e-mails.  We also spent time visiting with Julius and Crystal, the owners.  They are building a new building behind this one.  It will have their business and 2 Bed and Breakfast rooms on the main level.  Then they will have their home on the second level.  We look forward to seeing the progress in the future.

We bought some tomatoes, onions and “pond salt” from a produce man out of the back of his truck.  We needed salt, and are curious as to the difference.  I’ll post something if we notice a difference. 

Lake Victoria in Georgetown, leaving the dinghy dock

we have to go under this bridge to leave Lake Victoria and go to our boat

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