Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 5, 2016 passage from New Bight Cat Island to Georgetown Exumas

Dave was up early listening to Chris Parker’s weather.  We want to be in Georgetown by this weekend to pick up friends at the airport.  And it sounded like the best weather for the 60 nm crossing would be today, which we had been planning.  So we left our anchorage by 8:00 am.

Dave put out fishing lines, hoping to catch something edible on the passage.  One of the other cruisers at Cat Island had caught a mahi mahi that had 3 flying fish in it’s stomach.  So when Dave saw flying fish today he got excited.  He explained to me that flying fish are like bon bons for larger fish.  But no luck today, not even a barracuda. 

It was about 9:30 when we rounded the south west corner of Cat Island and turned south for Georgetown in the Exumas.  The wind out of the north and we were on a broad reach.  We were motor sailing with the jenny.  Dave decided to put out the gin pole to hold the sail out and catch more wind.  At this point we were in about 6000ft of water between the islands.  It is always nerve wracking to watch him handle that with the boat rocking and rolling with the swells AND NOT wearing a life jacket.  But I get to mentally review the “man overboard” rescue. 

Within about a half hour we could see a squall approaching.  So he went back out to take down the gin pole before the weather got rough.  All that work for about 30 minutes of use.  But it gets easier every time, so it is good practice.  We only got a sprinkling from the squall and it passed behind us.  But better safe than sorry. 

Click this to see video
Dave on deck
We reached the Conch Cay Cut to enter Elizabeth Harbor about 2:30.  We thought we made good time.  I think we were close to 7.5 k most of the day.  I guess cleaning the hull really does make a difference.  It then took us about an hour to work our way through the channel and anchor.  You have to make about 6 turns in the harbor to avoid shallow areas and rocks. 

Elizabeth Harbor is formed by the island of Great Exuma and Stocking Island.  There must have been between 100-150 boats anchored on either side of the harbor.  And I guess a lot of boats left in the last couple weeks.  A little too congested for us.
///gin pole and video

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