Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 27, 2016 Lee Stocking Island to Big Farmer's Cay, Exumas

We only had about 20 nm to sail today, but we took off about 8:30 to have the afternoon to visit and relax.  We had a nice 15 knot wind and were able to sail the entire way north.  We anchored in a bay on the north end of Big Farmer’s Cay, same place as last year.  We arrived at 12:30, about an hour before Cheryl and Ed.
Love the color of the water as the depth changes
Cheryl and Ed arriving at Big Farmer's Cay

They came over to our boat by dinghy to visit this afternoon.  They were headed into Little Farmer’s Cay for some provisions.  They invited us for happy hour and dinner on their boat.  I spent the afternoon cleaning our aft head.  When I clean the floor and behind the toilet, I use the shower hose and drain.  Today the shower wouldn’t drain with the sump pump.  Using the plunger a couple times, which has worked in the past, only brought more water and “gunk” into the floor of the head.   So Dave used a shop vac to remove the water and will work on it soon.
anchored close enough to swim to their boat
Yay! visitors from SD and TX

When Cheryl and Ed returned, Cheryl and I went for a snorkeling in the bay and checked out the coral and fish along the shore.  We enjoyed it but realized it was difficult to visit while snorkeling.  So we walked and talked across the shallow part of the bay.  Dave had a nice nap in the cockpit.

We returned to our boats and make dinner preparations.  At 5:00, Ed was blowing a conch shell to let us know happy hour had begun.  We found out later that Cheryl had just bought the shell today in Little Farmer’s Cay as a gift for Ed.  They also cut the end and polished it so it could be made into a bugle.

We had a nice time visiting on their boat.  Ed gave Dave the boat tour, and they discussed lots of boat business.  Cheryl and I enjoyed a game of cribbage (I skunked her).  Then we all enjoyed the sunset together in the cockpit of their boat.  It was nice to be able to get a sunset picture with our boat in it.
our boat in the sunset

The plan was for Cheryl to help Ed move his boat from Marsh Harbor in the Abacos to Georgetown in the Exumas.  She has been on his boat for 30 days.  Ed would like to get to Georgetown to see some of the regatta that goes through Saturday.   He will no longer need her help.  So she is checking into other options.  She would like to stay in the Bahamas until June.  But she will fly out of Georgetown if nothing works out.  She plans to spend the summer with a friend in Kentucky and go back to SD for a while.  But then next fall she will look into the workaway website again for another adventure.  She loves the life aboard a sailboat and has no regrets about retiring and selling her home in SD. 

happy friends together again

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